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By Carolina Ear Nose & Throat Clinic
July 09, 2020
Category: ENT Care
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Do you dread the summer with its tree and grass pollen? Or, are indoor allergies your issue because of a pet, dust and mold? Either way, Carolina Ear Nose & Throat Clinic can help. Dr. John Ansley is a highly skilled ENT doctor and allergist who helps numerous people in the Orangeburg, SC, area feel good no matter what the pollen count is.

What are allergies?

Allergies are the immune system's abnormal response to an environmental substance. It may be something you eat, touch or inhale, or you may be allergic to a bee sting or spider bite.

Most allergies are annoying nuisances, producing symptoms such as rashes, itching, coughing, sneezing, a runny nose, scratchy throat, hoarseness, wheezing, ear fullness, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and more. However, other allergic reactions are more severe--asthma as an example. Anaphylactic reactions, which cause breathing problems, loss of consciousness and even death, are very severe and require constant monitoring, emergency medication and constant monitoring.

How your allergist can help

In his Orangeburg, SC, ENT office, Dr. Ansley evaluates many patients who complain of allergy symptoms. He may order prick tests that involve injections of small amounts of suspected allergens under the skin. Another option is a challenge test in which the patient ingests an allergen, such as fish or peanuts, and the doctor monitors the reaction. Finally, Dr. Ansley may order blood work, an accurate way to pinpoint what your sensitivities are.

Additionally, Dr. Ansley will review your symptoms. So, tell him what bothers you, how much and when. As an otolaryngologist, he wants to rule out any chronic conditions or acute problems, such as sinusitis, of the ears, nose and throat.


Identifying and limiting your exposure to your allergic triggers will help you feel better and need less medication. However, medication is key for many allergy patients. Medications may include nasal sprays, oral medications, sublingual therapy and allergy shots that expose you to a small amount of your allergens. This immunotherapy helps your body grow accustomed to your trigger and lessens symptoms.

Manage those allergies

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American reports that about 50 million Americans have some kind of allergies. So, don't feel odd or alone.

Learn to manage those allergies with the help of allergist, Dr. John Ansley, and your friends at Carolina Ear Nose & Throat Clinic in Orangeburg, SC. For a helpful consultation, call us at our Orangeburg office at (803) 536-5511, or for Walterboro South, phone (843) 549-1720.

By Carolina Ear Nose & Throat Clinic
January 23, 2019
Category: ENT Care

An ear, nose, and throat doctor, also known as an ENT or otorhinolaryngologist, specializes in diagnosing and treating problems concerning the head and neck area. Read below to see an outlining of a few of the conditions that your ENT doctor, Dr. John Ansley of theEar, Nose, and Throat Doctor Carolina ENT Clinic in Orangeburg, SC, treat in bodily areas.



Within the ears are tiny, complicated structures that can cause problems with hearing and balance when they are infected or otherwise damaged. Your Orangeburg ENT can diagnose conditions like ear infections, hearing loss, or inflammation that causes dizziness or a feeling of imbalance and also make recommendations on how to resolve these issues.



Sinusitis is a very common nose-related problem seen at the Carolina ENT Clinic in Orangeburg. Seasonal and environmental allergies, deviation of the septum (the space between the nostrils), and obstruction in the nasal passageways all cause symptoms within the nose, most commonly congestion, pain, or drainage. All of these issues can be treated by Dr. Ansley.



A persistent feeling of hoarseness or being unable to project your voice usually warrants a visit to your Orangeburg ENT. Chronic laryngitis, caused by inflammation or nodules on the vocal cords, is one of the main throat conditions seen by our doctors. They also diagnose and manage cancer of the larynx (i.e. the windpipe) as well as other conditions that may require a tracheostomy (a surgical opening in the trachea that bypasses the throat).

Of course, our otorhinolaryngologists have a wide range of experience and training in many other diseases and conditions of the head and neck, including trauma reconstruction, thyroid problems, and oral cancer. If you are in the Orangeburg, South Carolina area, contact Carolina Ear Nose & Throat Clinic today at (803) 536-5511 to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled ENT doctor!