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November 05, 2018
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Visit Your Allergist for Allergy Testing

Do you need allergy tests? An allergy involves a reaction by your immune system, often to common substances such as dust, pollen, or foods. Allergies can cause a variety of symptoms such as watery eyes, sneezing, a runny nose, and swelling. Carolina Ear Nose & Throat Clinic, which has offices in Orangeburg, SC, and Walterboro South, SC, offers allergy testing and treatment. Dr. John Ansley and Dr. Rocco Cassone are some of the top ENT Doctors in Orangeburg, SC. Here are five highly accurate diagnostic tests for food allergies.

1. Skin Prick Testing: A Skin Prick Test (SPT) checks for allergic reactions to many different substances at once. The skin prick test is usually done to identify allergies to dust mites, foods, pet dander, pollen and mold. The procedure involves pricking the skin with a pin or needle containing a small amount of the allergen. About 15 minutes after the skin pricks, your doctor will observe your skin for signs of allergic reactions. 

2. Rast Testing: The RAST test is a blood test that can measure your immune system's response to specific allergens. The test measures the level of allergen-specific IgE antibodies in your blood. The test is often used in cases of individuals who cannot tolerate skin prick tests because of eczema, extreme sensitivity, or the need to continue taking antihistamines. 

3. Intradermal Testing: The intradermal test is another method of skin testing to help determine whether a person is allergic to a specific allergen. The procedure involves injecting a small amount of the allergen solution into the skin. The test is usually performed when a substance does not cause an allergic reaction in the SPT but it's still suspected as an allergen for that individual.

4. Oral Food Challenge: An Oral Food Challenge (OFC) is a procedure in which a food is eaten in increasing amounts diagnose or rule out the presence of an allergy. OFCs are usually done when a medical history and allergy tests, such as blood and skin tests, are inconclusive.

5. Drug Challenge Test: In a Drug Challenge Test (DCT), the individual is administered a drug to see if it causes a reaction. The drug is administered orally, injected or inhaled. The person is administered low doses of the medication, which are gradually increased until a normal dose is given. You should only have a drug challenge if it is important to know whether a specific drug is safe.

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