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By Carolina Ear Nose & Throat Clinic
May 08, 2020
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Are your allergies bothering you? With spring in full bloom, it's hard to avoid allergens. Fortunately, making a few lifestyle changes and visiting your allergist, Dr. John Ansley of Carolina Ear Nose & Throat Clinic in Walterboro and Orangeburg, SC, can help you manage your allergy symptoms.

Pay Attention to Pollen Counts

Sneezing, nasal congestion, itchy eyes, and other symptoms may be related to the rising grass and tree pollen levels in your area. You can find information on current allergen levels on,, and other websites.

If allergen levels are high, these steps may improve your comfort:

  • Stay Inside: Avoid spending long periods of time outdoors when pollen and other allergen levels are high.
  • Change Your Clothing: Keep allergens out of your home by changing your clothing as soon as you return home after being outside. Wash the clothing in hot water to remove allergens, and take a shower to remove pollen from your body and hair.
  • Wash Your Dog: Allergens can hitchhike on your pet's fur. Bathing your pet reduces the allergen spread in your house, as does wiping your pet's fur with a wet washcloth after it's been outside.
  • Put on a Mask: If you must spend time outside, wearing a mask can reduce your exposure to allergens.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Although airing out your home may seem like a good idea on a nice day, opening your windows only spreads allergens throughout your home. Keep your windows closed to avoid exposure to allergens.

Even if you keep your windows closed, allergens still enter your home every time you open your door. Fortunately, air-conditioners and HEPA filters can improve your home's air quality. The appliances filter allergens, helping you manage your allergy symptoms.

Take Your Medicine

If you don't use allergy medicine year-round, begin taking it at the very beginning of allergy season in the spring. Since many allergens aren't visible, they may be present in the air sooner than you may think.

Visit Your Allergist

If you're still sneezing, pay a visit to your Walterboro and Orangeburg allergist. Allergy testing offered by your doctor pinpoints your personal allergy triggers, making it easier to avoid specific allergens. Your allergist can also offer allergy shots or prescription medications that may work more effectively at controlling your allergies.

Don't let allergies keep you from enjoying life! Call your allergist in Walterboro and Orangeburg, SC, Dr. Ansley of Carolina Ear Nose & Throat Clinic if over-the-counter allergy products aren't controlling your symptoms. Schedule an appointment by calling (803) 536-5511 for the Orangeburg office or (843) 549-1720 for the Walterboro office.